The Rabin Mishnah Study Group is a world-wide project devoted to the study of the Mishnah in the religious climate of Masorti (Conservative) Judaism. Two or three times a week subscribers receive, via email, a lesson in Mishnah which takes only a few minutes to read. There may also be comments and responses made by subscribers on the material studied.

The project began on the day of the funeral of the late premier, Yitzhak Rabin. On that day the Rabin Mishnah Study Group, in his memory, held its first lesson, in English, via private e-mail, and about 20 people took part.

Since then the number of participants has increased forty-fold, and today there are many hundreds of subscribers who receive these lessons regularly. The lessons have been the subject of many complimentary commendations, some of them even suggesting that RMSG is the most potent and effective vehicle available today for the propagation of Masorti/Conservative Judaism among serious lay students.

The lessons are active and not just passive learning. Participants who have questions or comments, are able to send them in; these are posted together with a response in a later lesson.

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