Rabbi Simchah Roth has been living in Israel since 1969. For several years he was the rabbi and resident lecturer of the WUJS Institute in Arad; then he and his family moved to another development town, Yeroĥam, where he became deeply involved in Israeli secondary education. Rabbi Roth now lives in Herzliyya, where he served as the Rav of Torat Ĥayyim Masorti Congregation from 1989 until his retirement from that position in July 2007. For several years he served as a member of the Herzliyya Mo'etzah Datit, the Municipal Religious Council.

Rabbi Simchah Roth Rabbi Roth has also held several posts in the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel: he has served on the Va'ad Halakhah (Law Commitee) of the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel; he is a past vice-president and a past member of the Executive Committee of RA-Israel; and he has been the chairperson the Religious Services Bureau of the Masorti Movement. He was also the original editor of a Masorti Siddur Va'ani Tefillati.

Rabbi Roth is the head of the Bet Midrash Virtuali.

You can reach Rabbi Roth at this address.